Spoonbill Studio

Kathryn Lynch Exhibition at Spoonbill Studio curated by Madeleine Mermall


Spoonbill Studio, fall 2017

Curated by Madeleine Mermall

Kathryn Lynch Spoonbill Install.jpg

Painting Everyday is a fall curatorial series presented by Spoonbill Studio under the keen curation of Madeleine Mermall. It is composed of four succinct exhibitions, featuring Polly Shindler, Bella Foster, Kathryn Lynch, Gretchen Scherer, Paul Gagner, and Todd Beinvenu. Using the traditional method of display, the canvas, each artist engages the viewer with images, environments & non-typed communication that return us to the estranged everyday world in which we exist. The result enables a small escape from the normal mental-delve into the uninhabitable spaces of the digital.